Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans
Stage I
Create a
Stage II
Name Your
Stage III
Write a
Field Guide
Stage IV
Stage V
Switch Zoo!!!

Have you ever wanted to influence nature? Well, now you can.

You are about to embark on a journey into the animal kingdom. Your mission is to create a new and unique creature by combining at least two animals that are already in existence. We will refer to this new and unique being as a switcheroo.

This project is designed to foster your creative growth while testing your knowledge of science. There are five stages in this mission.

1. Create a Switcheroo 4. Creative Tasks
2. Name Your Animal 5. Persuasive Writing
3. Write a Field Guide  

How to Save Your Work

To complete this lesson, you can fill out the answers on your computer and print the page. To save your work, you must print each page that requires answers as you complete it.

The answers you type will remain on the page until it is refreshed.
When you leave the page, your answers will be erased
and you will not be able to return to them.

If you prefer, you may print the pages without completing them, and fill out the answers on paper.

The further along you progress on this project, and the more detail and creativity you offer, the better your grade will be.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!!