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Create a
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Stage I: Create a Switcheroo

1. Go to the Switch Zoo website by typing into the address line of your browser.

2. To get the Switch Zoo app, click the "Download App" button on the home page. To play online, click the "Play now" button on the home page.

entrance3. The zoo game will open and you'll see the entrance scene and hear the music playing. In the distance, you can see all of the different habitats in which the animals live.

map4. Wait until you see the map, which is a big rock with colorful buttons showing the nine central animals. Click on the button for the animal that you want to use as your main animal. This choice will determine what body your switcheroo will have, as well as the landscape in which it will stand.

path5. You will see a path scene on your way to the habitat.

animal scene6. When you arrive in the habitat, click on one of the nine buttons that depict animals' heads in the upper row on the fence or in the Quick Switch panel in the sign on the left. (Use the scroller to see all the choices). The animal's head will change into the new animal you selected. Or you can leave the original head of your animal as it is.

head, legs and tail buttons7. When you are finished choosing the head, look at the lower row of buttons and you will see a little diagram of an animal's body that is separated into three parts: "Head, "Legs" and "Tail". Click on the "Legs" button.

legs buttons8. Notice that the upper row of buttons and the Quick Switch panel now show images of each animal's legs. Click on one and watch your animal change. Try clicking other buttons and decide which legs you want for your switcheroo.

tail9. Now move on to the selection of tails, by clicking the "Tail" button in the lower row. (If at any time you don't like the choices you have made, simply click on a different body part in the lower row and select a new part).

APP TIP: Use Stop-action Animals
left arrow  
  right arrow

(Only available in the Switch Zoo App.) The arrows on the fence can be used to select and freeze any moment of the animal transformations. That allows you to use the hiding animals that only appear while an animal is changing.

For example, the sheep is hiding in the zebra scene. To use it in a combination, go to the zebra and choose the bear head. You will see the sheep in passing.


When the bear head has finished changing, you can click back to the sheep by using the left arrow on the fence. Use the right arrow to click in the other direction and select the exact image you want to use. Once you have stopped on the sheep head, you can select different legs and tails in the usual way to make new combinations.

Animal List and Map buttons10. If you decide to use a different animal body, you can click the "Map" button in the lower row. That will take you back to the map where you started and you can go to a new animal habitat from there. Or you can click the "Animal List" button which will let you make a new animal and go to a new habitat at the same time. Then just click the button for the animal you want to make or visit.

Photo button11. Now that you have completed your creation, you are ready to print. Click the Photo button on the fence to enter the Photo Workshop. You can include a title and story in your print, you can choose to print the zoo's facts along with your animal, or you can turn them all of and print your animal with no text.

Print button12. After you are satisfied with your text choices, click the Print button.

Now you are finished creating and printing your unique animal.

Stage I: Create a Switcheroo