Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans
Stage I
Create a
Stage II
Name Your
Stage III
Write a
Field Guide
Stage IV
Stage V
Stage IV: Creative Tasks

Once you have completed the Field Guide (stage II), select two tasks
from the following list.

1. Write a funny list poem about your switcheroo.
  Be sure to describe your creature's feeding habits, sleep habits, social life, peculiar sounds, etc.
Your poem should be four to eight lines in length.
Example: CheeZe
  CheeZe eats green macaroni.
CheeZe eats leaves and bologna.
She purrs and gallops, growls and trots.
She's candy cane covered with bright red spots.

2. Write a short story about a day in the life of your switcheroo.
Here are some prompts/questions to get you started.
  How would you describe the setting or locale that your creature calls home?

Remember, your creature's habitat can be realistic or extraordinary. For example, if he or she lives in a forest, the trees might be made of gold; it might rain oranges and bananas; the streams could be made of soda, etc.

  What adventures and activities does he or she enjoy?

Does your creature prefer to play with friends or challenge a monster or enemy?

Is your switcheroo lazy, hungry, angry? If so, how does he or she express these feelings?

  What are your switcheroo's characteristic movements and sounds?

Does he or she run, leap, lunge, charge, lumber, saunter or slither?

Does he or she growl, roar, whimper, hiss, bark, snort, bellow, purr, slurp or snore?

Finally, describe your imaginary creature's extraordinary appearance. Be sure to include the oddest and most humorous details of his or her appearance.

3. Create a drawing of your switcheroo's habitat.
  Does he or she live in the woods, near water, in the backyard?
  Remember to consider the habitat of each of the animals in your switcheroo. Use your imagination and combine different habitats in one scene. For example, a switcheroo with a bear's body, a dog's head and a monkey's legs and tail might live in a house that has jungle plants in the living room and a frozen tundra in the basement.


Stage IV: Creative Tasks