Interdisciplinary Lesson Plans
Stage I
Create a
Stage II
Name Your
Stage III
Write a
Field Guide
Stage IV
Stage V
Stage V: Persuasive Writing

Once you have completed the Field Guide (Stage III), select two tasks from the following list.

Choose one of the persuasive writing tasks listed below. Draft a persuasive essay that argues your opinion. Be sure to use the four to five paragraph essay form. Your essay should contain an introduction that states your opinion, two to three paragraphs that provide reasons for your viewpoint as well as specific examples and details to support each reason, and a conclusion.

1. What if scientists decided to create your animal?
  What are the moral implications of this act?
  Do you think it is acceptable for man to experiment with the genes of existing animals in order to create new, unnatural beings?

2. Are zoos acceptable nurturing environments for undomesticated animals?
  In other words, is a controlled artificial environment just as suitable for an animal as the animal's natural habitat?

3. Assume that your switcheroo is a member of a valued endangered species.
  Write a letter to the Head of State of the country from which your animal originated in order to foster a means of protecting your animal's life.

Project Checklist

Before you leave the site, be sure to complete, print and collect these pages:
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Stage I:
Create a Switcheroo
Print the picture of your animal.
Stage II:
Name Your Animal
Print the common name Web page.
Print the scientific name Web page. (optional)
Stage III:
Write a Field Guide
Print the Field Guide Web page.
Stage IV:
Creative Tasks
Print your poem, story or drawing if it was created on the computer.
Collect your work if it was created on paper.
Stage V:
Persuasive Writing
Print your essay or letter if it was written on the computer.
Collect your work if it was written on paper.

 Many thanks to:
Ms. Mary Paley, English teacher Dr. John Polnak, Principal,
Philip Livingston Magnet Academy
Ms. Kamila Smith, Pre-service teacher
Ms. Kara Ford, Science teacher Ms. Maryanne Malecki,
English Language Arts Supervisor
Mr. Neil Shapiro, Media Specialist
Special thanks to all of the student poets and writers at Philip Livingston Magnet Academy who wrote about switcheroo animals.


Stage V: Persuasive Writing