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Switch Zoo Lite
Switch Zoo Free - Download on the App Store
Switch Zoo
$2.99 USD
Switch Zoo Free - Download on the App Store
Switch Zoo Free
Switch Zoo Free - Buy from amazon.com
Switch Zoo
$2.99 USD
Switch Zoo - Buy from amazon.com

Make new animals by switching the heads, legs and tails of 142 animals at this virtual zoo!

Switch Zoo App is the BIG ZOO, with animations, sounds, bigger pictures, and more features. If you have fun making animals in Switch Zoo Online, you'll love the app! Available for iPad and Android tablets.

screenshot from the Switch Zoo appBIG Animals - Animals in the Switch Zoo app are 60% larger than Switch Zoo Online! See a full-size picture

Morphing Animatons with Soundtracks - The primary animal parts (bear, bison, cheetah, etc.) change in surprising, sometimes funny, and often noisy ways.

My Switcheroos - Save the animals you make in your own collection. You can also name your animals and write stories about them. See a full-size picture

The Randomizer - Randomly switch the animals' heads, legs and tails simultaneously for great surprises.

Shake New Animals (iPad only) -Just shake your iPad to trigger the Randomizer!

Animal Profiles and Fast Facts - Read interesting (and sometimes amazing) facts about the animals right in the game. See a full-size picture

142 Species in Nine Habitats (Switch Zoo Free has 28 animals in one habitat) - Switch Zoo has great animal diversity. It's home to mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and even mollusks! Imagine the unusual creatures you'll be able to make from this diverse population!
Click here to see a list of all the animals

Chosen one of The Best Computer Games by Parenting magazine“...Beyond its sidesplitting humor, this dazzling game of mix and match teaches children accurate info about animals and lets them make up names and bios for their surreal menagerie.”

- The Best Computer Games,
Anne Reeks, Parenting magazine

Switch Zoo End User License Agreement (EULA) (PDF)

Customer Reviews
from Amazon

Let your imagination run wild!
This is a fun game, you can come up with most bizarre creatures you can think of, i enjoyed it.

Fun & Giggles
Kids love this sort of thing. Easy to use. Lots of choices to change the animals. Good for the imagination. Induces lots of giggles.

My autistic son spends hours on this game making different animals and finds it extremely entertaining (and funny!) It's a pretty simple program to use and helps build imagination skills. I would recommend this product for any child that loves animals.

Sure way to get the laughter started...
Nice graphics and entertaining for young children; my 5 year old nephew loves the seemingly never-ending combination of animal body parts. You transpose this to that and there is no telling what wildly designed animal you will end up with. He is easily distracted at this age, but this app keeps him focused each time he plays.


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