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Stories and Poems 4
PigeltaThe Story of Pigelta by Brett

Hi my name is Pigelta. I live in Mexico. My friend is Big Bob. We eat volcanoes my enemies are foxes. We live in a cave. One day Big Bob and I went for a walk in the woods. We found a fox we ran all the way to are cave. There we were safe. The next day the fox was at our door. We would not let him in are cave. But he busted the door down. We threw food at him. Until he went out.

LofadogThe Lofadog by Jordan

This is a Lofadog he eats shoes like dogs do. His birthday is March 30.2000. He loves computers because he was born from a computer. He loves To roll in the mud. He lives in the zoo.

by William

I am writing a story about a new species called Piggaboo. Her name is Longy, because she had very long legs. All the other Piggaboos had short legs, like a bison. The other Piggaboos made fun of her because she had very long legs. When she grew up she had twins, except one was a boy and the other is a girl. When she went over to her moms house Longy's mother told her that she was adopted. She found out that she wasn't a Piggaboo, she was a Piggyboo! So she was the relative of the Piggaboo. She was so glad that she went to all of the Piggaboo's houses and told them that she was a Piggyboo. So Longy and her children lived happily after.