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Stories and Poems 3
ElpThe story of the Elp by Daphna

One day a couple travelers where walking through the jungle. Then suddenly a weird animal popped out of the jungle. The animal had writing on its self. The animal had facts on its self. The fact where, its name is Elp. He is 2000 years old. He eats grass and leaves. Its enemies are elephants and monkeys. It also has no friends. After the travelers read all the facts they decide to take the animal because it has no friends.

BryndelThe Bryndel by Brynnie

My animal is a Bryndel. You can find it in Bryndeland. Now I will tell you the story. Once upon a time there was a dog she ran away from home. She is going all the way to Brydeland. On the way she met a Cheetah. The Cheetah was very dumb and smart. He said I got a good idea I will eat you. Well the dog was very dumb. So, the cheetah ate the dog, but it was very interesting because the dog kicked the cheetah in the stomach so he stretched out and then the head was the dog and the cheetah was the stomach and then they met a zebra and the zebra got scared and let them eat him.

PigmondoraPigmondora by Lauryn

My animals name is The Pigmondora. It is located in the Pigmondora Islands now. It does the same things as a pig, monkey, dog and a zebra. It eats frogs. Its enemies are dinosaurs. So here’s the story of the Pigmondora. One-day 33 million billion trillion years ago a strange animal appeared called a Pigmondora (it was around the dinosaur age). It was very strange looking (its picture is above the story). The dinosaurs didn’t like this strange animal so they tried to eat it but the Pigmondora got away just in time.