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Stories and Poems 2

ShortieMy Animal and Her Story by animal_lvr

One day a zebig named Annie got lost (a zebig is a pig and a zebra). After a month of hitchiking, Annie met a cheetah named Bowie. They fell in love. A year after they had gotten married, they had a baby. Their baby looked like Annie except for her two foot long cheetah tail. Since the baby's body was a foot shorter than her tail was long, they named her Shortie.

CheekeyUntitled by Caelis

In the moderate climate of northern america they have discovered this new species. Long crossbreeding between various animal species have resulted in this Cheekey. Don't feed the animals please.

King PigThe King Pig by Shira

One day the king pig was walking in the woods and he saw a pond so he went in the pond. The pig stayed in the pond for 1 hour. When the pig got out he was a whole different animal. He didn’t know what happened he couldn’t go home to his friends and family as a pig elephant cheat thing. The king pig stayed in the woods for 2 whole days.