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"Players assemble any mixture of animal they can imagine from the heads, bodies, legs, and tails of 140 vividly lifelike onscreen critters. Beyond its sidesplitting humor, this dazzling game of mix and match teaches children accurate info about animals and lets them make up names and bios for their surreal menagerie. Looking for a Grandparents Day gift? Print pictures of and stories about your kids' wildest creations."

- Anne Reeks, Parenting magazine

USA Today

USA Today
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"You can't have this kind of fun at a regular zoo. (If you try this at your neighborhood zoo, we sincerely hope you get kicked out. Or chewed up.) Save your head, tail and torso-tossing exploits for switchzoo.com. Choose a base beast of the cheetah, dog, elephant, monkey, pig, rhino, zebra, bear or bison persuasion, and create the rest of the beast from your own zany imagination. Print your favorite mammal for friends to see – or laugh at – and get fun animal facts along the way."

The Exploratorium
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"Create crazy animals that could never exist at this surrealistic virtual zoo!"

The Exploratorium is a hands-on museum of science, art, and human perception in San Francisco.

Technology & Learning Magazine

Technology & Learning Magazine
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"If the zebrachee and lofadog aren't on your list of intriguing animals, pay a virtual visit to the Switcheroo Zoo... Educational Resources includes links to sites that offer in-depth information about the animals in the zoo, as well as interdisciplinary lesson plans and other teaching tools. Your students will be inspired to pen ditties like those included in the amusing collection of student-authored odes to their animal creations in Seven Poems and a Story."

- Kristen Kennedy, Technology & Learning Magazine

Power to Learn - a service of Cablevision

Power to Learn

"It's fascinating, factual, and fun... A fascinating new piece of software called Switch Zoo... from the folks at Tubehead has taken an old kid favorite – mixing and matching animal heads, bodies and tails – to a most creative and truly giddy height through the magic of computer morphing. Using it, kids can literally pick and choose from hundreds of animal heads, bodies and tails to fashion together the critter they’ve always dreamed about... It’s a simple concept, but it’s amazing how it gets kids thinking about diversity, adaptation, and species specialization."

- Diane S. Kendall, Power to Learn


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"Finally, a little bit of random fun where you get to play creator, and design your own very weird and wonderful creatures..."

- Kate Russell, Click Webscape-r, BBC


CTV.ca  Canadian Television Network

"SwitchZoo gives users of all ages the fun of creating their own silly animal combinations while learning cool facts about the creatures they pick. Popular amongst teachers and animal lovers, the site's New York based creators have expanded with a number of fun games and activities that are just as much fun as the main concept..."

- Kris Abel, CTV.ca

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media

"Outstanding interactivity with an animal theme... Families who visit this website will be able to talk about animals and their habitats, make up funny names for the combined fantasy animals, and write captions for the pictures... At first you might think this is a simple “head of a bear, legs of a giraffe, tail of a crocodile” mix ‘n’ match game. It is, but there is more depth to it than that, as you’ll see..."