Switch Zoo App Advantages for Students
The Switch Zoo app has features that are useful for class activities, including:

Save pictures and stories in My Switch ZooStudents can save their animal creations, along with a title and story, under their own names in "My Switcheroos." They can return to the animal later and continue working on the story. Your students can use the Switch Zoo app to create a class menagerie!
Full-size picture

Bigger, more detailed images of 142 species.
All of the animal images and animations are nearly 50% larger than the online zoo! Your students can see all the details of soft fur, shiny fish scales and colorful bird feathers that are just too small to see in Switch Zoo Online. Full-size picture

Read a profile for any animalThe Switch Zoo app provides an off-line source of information for reports and stories. Students can read an in-depth Animal Profile for each animal they select. Facts include scientific name, life span, habitat, diet, predators, and facts about the animal's perceptions, behavior and other characteristics. Or students can choose Fast Facts mode to read short facts about all of the animals in the current combination simultaneously. Full-size picture

Make big prints of the animals you createSwitch Zoo Print leaves out the fence, and features a big picture of the animal along with the students' title and story. Or, instead of a story, they can print the zoo's facts about their combination animal.

Visit the Switch Zoo App page for more information, and the Lesson Plans page for free science, language arts, art, and interdisciplinary Switch Zoo plans.