Switch Zoo Lesson Plans
Language Arts and Science Lesson Plans
appleInterdisciplinary Lesson Plans - Grades 5-8
by Mary Paley, Kamila Smith, Kara Ford, and Neil Shapiro,
Philip Livingston Magnet Academy in Albany, New York

The result of a collaboration between four middle school teachers, these lesson plans are designed to be used either for an interdisciplinary activity, or for separate science and language arts projects. After making new animals, students will write stories, poems, persuasive essays, or field reports about them, based on their research into the characteristics of the real animals that make up their new creatures.

To read work written by seventh grade students using the interdisciplinary lesson plans, visit Seven Poems and a Story.

Creative Writing - Grades 2-4
Making new animals in Switch Zoo is fun way to motivate young students to develop writing skills and discover that writing can be fun. This plan are designed to foster creative thinking and expression. Students make new animals, then choose a favorite, learn about the characteristics of the animals that make up their new creature, write a story about the animal, and share their story.

Science - Grades 2-4
Take your budding scientists to a zoo like no other. This lesson plan is designed to expand students' knowledge of animals and develop critical thinking skills. The writing excercise will engage students in the creative application of that knowledge, as information about the characteristics of animals and their habitats is used to describe imaginary creatures.

Art Lesson Plans
animal drawingMedieval Art Mixed Breed Animals Lesson Plan - Grades 3-6
by Linda Woods, St. John's Lower School in Houston, Texas

animal drawingThis art lesson plan references fantastic beasts in myth and legend during the Middle Ages, and uses Switch Zoo to create mixed breed animals.

To see drawings created by fifth grade students using the lesson plan, visit the slideshow Mixed Breed Animals.