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White Rhinoceros
White Rhinoceros
Mammal. The white rhinoceros is the second largest land mammal in the world, after the elephant. White rhinos can weigh over 2,000 kilograms (2 tons) and stand as tall as 1.8 meters (6 feet). There were once over 30 species of rhino, but today there are only five and all are endangered. White rhinoceros are calmer and more sociable than other species of rhino, and they often live in small, territorial groups. Females and juveniles are rarely alone. Rhinos communicate using a wide variety of sounds, including grunts, growls, snorts, squeaks and bellows. Because of their hump, white rhinos cannot swim.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Ceratotherium simum 35 to 40 years
Herbivore. Grasses.
Predators and Threats
Grassland, open areas; Southern Africa.