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Mammal. Walruses are the largest type of fin-footed mammals, called pinnipeds. Others are seals, sea lions, and fur seals. Pinnipeds have four flippers - one pair in front, and one pair in back. About two-thirds of a walrus's life is spent in the water. Walruses swim along the ocean floor, sensing food with their whiskers. They can dive to depths of 100 meters (328 feet), and stay under water for about 30 minutes when searching for food. They have two long tusks, which are actually continuously growing canine teeth. Males walruses have special air sacs that they use to make a bell-like sound.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Odobenus rosmarus 40 years
Carnivore. Sea bottom dwellers such as clams, tunicates, fish, squid, and octopus.
Predators and Threats
Arctic seas; polar ice sheet circling the Northern Hemisphere.