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Mammal. The rock wallaby is a small kangaroo. There are 15 species of rock wallaby. They live exclusively on rocky terrain and can leap up to 4 meters (13 feet) but cannot climb trees. During hot weather, they spend most of the day in the shade, searching for grass in the early morning and evening. On cooler days, they spend much of their time eating. Wallabies communicate a warning to others by thumping once or twice on the ground with their feet. A female wallaby can produce two different kinds of milk at the same time, one for her baby and another, richer blend, for her older offspring!
Scientific Name Lifespan
Petrogale spp. 7 years, 14-20 in captivity
Herbivore. Grass, hay, leaves, twigs, fruits, and vegetables.
Predators and Threats
European foxes, dingoes, and humans.
Rocky deserts and the high mountain ranges of the Australian outback.