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Bird. Ravens are the largest members of the crow family, and the largest songbirds. They are considered among the most intelligent of all birds. Ravens are called wolf birds because they are known to lead wolves to prey and then feed alongside them. Ravens also hunt in packs like wolves, but they usually do not gather together in large flocks. Unlike many other birds, they do not migrate. Raven pairs mate for life and use the same nest each year. They build their nests in trees, on cliffs, and on power lines. They can learn to imitate a variety of sounds, including the human voice.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Corvus corax 7-15 years, 30 in captivity
Omnivore. Insects, seeds, berries, and small mammals.
Predators and Threats
Owls, eagles, and hawks.
Wooded areas; North America, Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.