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Insect. The oedemera is a small beetle, only reaching 1 cm (.4 in) in length. Oedemeras love flowers and are particularly active on hot, sunny days. It is easy to tell males and females apart because the males have extra large thighs, making them look quite muscular. Larvae develop in the stems of old plants. Beetles have two sets of wings. Their “elytra” wings make a hard shell partially protecting their flying wings. Their metallic coloring is in the elytra. In order to fly, the beetles must raise the elytra to free up their flying wings. The oedemera's scientific name means “noble oedemera.”
Scientific Name Lifespan
Oedemera nobilis About a year
Herbivore. Pollen from flowers. Larvae eat plant stems, in which they develop.
Predators and Threats
Birds, toads, and insectivores.
They favor grassy areas and places to feed on flowers. Widespread across Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.