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Oak Toad
Oak Toad
Amphibian. The tiny oak toad is the smallest toad in North America, at 3 cm (1.2 in) or less in length. Unlike most toads of the Bufo genus, this one is active during the day. Oak toads' coloring provides excellent camouflage during their daytime hunts for insects through the brush and undergrowth where they live. Breeding occurs in shallow pools created by warm thunderstorms. Females lay their eggs in chains. Oak toads make a peeping noise, like a baby bird. Their vocal sacs are more oblong than round like other toads. Unlike frogs, toads have no teeth and their back legs are shorter, making them hoppers rather than jumpers.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Anaxyrus quercicus 2-3 years
Carnivore. Insects.
Predators and Threats
Snakes (ribbon snake in Virginia, US).
Sandy pine woods; southeast North America.