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Nyasa Lovebird
Nyasa Lovebird
Bird. The Nyasa lovebird is a rare, small, stocky parrot. Lovebirds got their name for commonly sitting as a pair and preening each other's feathers. They stay with their mates for life. In the wild, these lovebirds are gregarious, and found in groups of twenty to one hundred birds. Lovebirds are very playful and energetic, and agile in the trees. They are affectionate and intelligent, and have the ability to mimic. The Nyasa belongs to the eye-ring species of lovebird, named for the featherless ring of white skin around their eyes.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Agapornis lilianae 10-12 years; 20 in captivity
Herbivore. Grasses, seeds, flowers, and leaves.
Predators and Threats
Woodlands near permanent water; Zambezi Valley to southern Tanzania, Southeast Africa.