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Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat
Mammal. Mountain goats are not true goats, they belong to a group known as goat-antelope. Unlike the ridged, curved horns of true goats, the mountain goat's horns are only slightly curved and nearly smooth. Their hooves have hard outer shells and a rubbery, concave set of footpads that act as suction cups when they walk in their steep environment, and help cushion their feet when they jump from rock to rock. They have an aggressive social structure, often pushing and shoving each other. Each goat has a rank that determines the best sleeping and eating spots. The larger nannies usually rank at the top.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Oreamnos americanus 12 years
Herbivore. Grasses, sedges and rushes.
Predators and Threats
Wolves, bears, cougars, and humans.
High mountain ranges in northwestern North America, from south- eastern Alaska through British Columbia to the Rockies. Limited populations in Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories. Introduced in some states.