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Green Water Snake
Green Water Snake
Reptile. The Florida green water snake is a common, harmless snake that can be found in weedy marshes and grasses around ponds and along canals, sometimes basking in the vegetation. If threatened or harassed, the green water snake may bite and emit an unpleasant smell. These snakes are active primarily in the daytime, but can also be found feeding on minnows or small fish in the early evenings. Florida green water snakes are excellent swimmers and can dive from logs or tree limbs into the water. They bear their young alive and can have litters as large as 100!
Scientific Name Lifespan
Nerodia floridana 3-30 years
Carnivore. Frogs, tadpoles, salamanders, and fish.
Predators and Threats
Water with dense vegetation, weed-choked marshes, estuaries, and hyacinth-choked waterways; southeastern US: throughout most of Florida, excluding the Keys; southern Georgia, and southeastern South Carolina.