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Dollar Sunfish
Dollar Sunfish
Fish. As beautiful as any tropical fish, the dollar sunfish is found in the back waters, swamps and small ponds of the southeastern part of the United States. The name sunfish refers to its bright, sunny colors. Throughout the southern US all sunfish are referred to as bream or brim because early American settlers thought they resembled a flat-bodied European species called a bream. Mature males have iridescent blue spots and markings and are more colorful than the females. Sunfish have a strong homing instinct and return to spawn in the same vicinity each year.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Lepomis marginatus 6 years
Carnivore. Insects, crustaceans, and small fish.
Predators and Threats
Back washes, swamps, sand- and mud-bottomed, usually brushy, pools of creeks and small to medium rivers; United States Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain from North Carolina to Texas; northern Mississippi River.