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Mammal. Dogs are the domesticated descendents of wolves. Their shared ancestry has been traced back 37 to 58 million years, to a five-toed, weasel-like animal called Miacis. Cavemen in the Paleolithic age were the first humans to domesticate dogs. Today, there are nearly 500 recognized breeds of domestic dog. Along with cats, dogs are one of the most common pets. Dogs have a unique relationship with humans, and contribute to human society in many ways. Long valued as guards and rescuers, they now also work as guide, hearing, service, therapy and companion dogs.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Canis lupus familiaris 8-15 years, record 29 yrs.
Carnivore. Domestic dogs eat processed pet foods, or any scraps given to them. Although they may eat some vegetables, dogs are naturally carnivorous.
Predators and Threats
Most live in human homes, and traffic is their biggest threat. Other threats are homelessness, other dogs, poisons, and wildlife.
Human residences and yards, worldwide.