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Mammal. Cougars, also known as mountain lions or pumas, can jump 5.5 meters (18 feet) straight up the side of a cliff, and broad jump up to 9 meters (30 feet). They run swiftly, and can even swim. They have excellent eyesight and good hearing, and are solitary, skilled night hunters. Cougars are secretive in nature and prefer to stalk their prey at close range, to utilize the element of surprise. After they finish eating, they may cover the leftovers with leaves to save them for another meal. Cougars are the largest of the small cats and have the widest distribution of any mammal native to the Western Hemisphere.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Felis concolo 12 years
Carnivore. Deer, rabbits, hares, raccoons, and rodents.
Predators and Threats
Wolves, bears, and humans.
Mountains, hilly woodlands, and southern swamps; southwestern Canada, the United States west of the Rocky Mountains and in southern Florida, Mexico, Central America and South America.