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Collared Lizard
Reptile. Collared lizards, also called mountain boomers, are capable of bipedal locomotion and can run (on their two hind legs) up to 24 kilometers (15 miles) per hour. They wave their long tails in a cat-like fashion before grabbing prey. Collared lizards reach a total length of around 36 centimeters (14 inches), most of which is tail. Unlike many other lizards, a collared lizard cannot regenerate his or her tail. Two black stripes around the neck give these lizards their name.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Crotaphytus collaris 10 years
Carnivore. Primarily insects, but they will pretty much eat any animal they can get into their mouths, including other lizards.
Predators and Threats
Eagles, and snakes.
Rocky outcroppings; western United States.