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Reptile. Half of the world's chameleon population lives on the island of Madagascar. They are famous for their ability to change color. This serves as a form of communication, a response to temperature, light, and mood, as well as a defense against predators. Their eyes can rotate and swivel independently, enabling them to see almost a complete 360-degrees or observe two things simultaneously. Their tongues can be as long as their bodies. Chameleons can balance on a branch by gripping it with their claws and wrapping their tail around the branch to hold on. Chameleons can even sleep upside down!
Scientific Name Lifespan
Brookesiini and Chamaeleonini spp. 5-9 yrs. (varies by species)
Omnivore. Insects, snails, spiders, lizards, birds, flowers, berries, and fruit.
Predators and Threats
Humans through habitat destruction and captivity.
Forests; Madagascar, Africa, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Southern Spain and India, small islands near Madagascar and Africa such as the Seychelles and Comoros.