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Mammal. Caracals are also called desert lynx because of their resemblance to lynx. They can survive for long periods without water, obtaining moisture from their prey. “Karakal” is Turkish for “black ears.” Their ears are larger than most other cats, and they are topped by long, black tufts of fur. Caracals are agile tree-climbers, and will sometimes store the remains of their prey in the forks of trees or bushes. They are known for their bird-catching abilities. Their strong legs and big paws enable them to jump up and knock birds out of the air.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Felis caracal 18 years
Carnivore. Rodents, birds, small antelope, sometimes poultry.
Predators and Threats
Woodlands, savannahs, scrub forests, rugged terrain in mountainous regions; Africa, Arabian and Sinai peninsula, southwestern Asia, India.