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Bearded Dragon
Bearded Dragon
Reptile. Bearded dragons can run 15.5 kilometers (9 miles) per hour. When threatened, a bearded dragon bobs his head, flattens his body, and puffs out his throat, which resembles a spiky beard. When bearded dragons recognize other members of their species or show submission, they stand on three legs and slowly wave one forelimb in a circular motion. They can regulate their body temperature by changing shades of color, from light to dark. Changing color is also an indicator of their mood. Bearded dragons like to climb, and are often seen on fence posts.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Pogona vitticeps 4-10 years
Omnivore. Plants, insects, small rodents, and lizards. Living in places where food is scarce, they are not picky eaters.
Predators and Threats
Large goannas (lizards), dingoes, and birds of prey.
Deserts, dry forests and scrublands; arid, rocky areas of eastern and central Australia.