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Aquatic Beetle
Aquatic Beetle
Insect. Also known as water scavenger beetles, aquatic beetles move their legs alternately, looking like they are trying to run underwater. They breathe by holding an air bubble underneath them as they swim. They surface headfirst when coming up for more air. Aquatic beetles range in size from 3 to 44 mm (.1 to 2 in). The fringe on their hind legs adds to their swimming ability. The larvae are called “water tigers” because they are such fierce hunters, very different from how the adults behave.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Coleoptera hydrophilidae 5 months to 1 year
Omnivore. Adults eat algae or decaying matter. Larvae eat small water animals, sometimes much bigger than they are!
Predators and Threats
Frogs, salamanders, and wading birds.
Lakes, ponds, marshes, and quiet streams.