Visitors' Comments

"hey your website is awesome it is the best one on the web - Pat"

Snakelope"Thanks for your awesome website. This is by far the funnest web site!!!! Your biggest fan, Dot"

"Your website is different!(in a good way:)) I've never seen anything like it! im on it all the time! -katie"

"You guys are the greatest. I think you are the smartest people alive!!!!!You are so cool."

"My students are getting such a kick creating their own unique animals. They just giggle like crazy, and children laughing is the best sound in the world." - Computer lab teacher

"I would like to thank you on your brilliant site, I have a hyperactive boy of 5. I was amazed to see his concentration span whilst playing Switcheroo Zoo. He was fascinated for over 3 hours by the various combinations of animals. Bless you all" - Louise and Jordan

"Dear creaters of swich zoo,
Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm nine years old. At my school we are allowed to play on switch zoo. It's really fun, but just recently I saw the movie the mystery of switch zoo. Then I thought "This isn't real but, I'm going to find out any ways." I want to know what that clue was. You know, the one where a watermelon shaped object is heading towards earth's atmisphere? I know you made switch zoo up, but I want to know who made it, so try to make it into a real movie! Good Luck!
From, Taylor"

"I personaly think that your websight is stunning! And that the animals you can make are hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours truely, One of your fans"

"THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME! You are amazing."

"Hey switch zoo i think that this is the best website int the worlds"

"dear zookeeper, I think you shoud have a SWICHAROOZOO 2! It will have where you get 111 dollers and you get to make your own animal and spend mony on it. You will play animal games for more money. At level 1 you get 1 animal. level by level you get 1 more animal. when you get to level 5 you can't get any more. I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!! From Mikayla
P.S. if you have a commercial i will be in it."

"HI just greeting from Lithuania, Your site is just really cool! :) " - Dana

"hello i really love your website we are working on it in school its really awsome."

"...i am doing this at school and it is so fun and we make all these funny animals and we run computer to computer and laugh at all the funny and cool animals that we can make you must have a lot of people go on your website because i tell every friend that i have about it and they go on it like every day right when i get home i do my homework then go right to the computer and play switchzoo like all day and i never get off until it is my bed time and my favorite animal is probably the monkey and the elephant and i also wanted to ask who made this website and if i could think of any more questions to ask you i wanted to know if i could well whoever created this website Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best website EVERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!"

"Switcheroo Zoo ROCKS! Everyone here in the office has been looking over my shoulder... They think it's cool too, and keep telling me, "Put a pig butt on that thing!" or "Oh, I think it needs a dog head." We are having a blast with it. Thanks a million!" - Jennifer

"I love this site! Are you crazy? What fun!! Thanks!!" - P.H.