In this section, you'll find an assortment of useful information and tools to enhance your visit to Switch Zoo.

TigereetahAnimal List and Profiles
There are 142 different species living in Switch Zoo. Using this list, you can access profiles on all of the animals that provide information about their characteristics and behavior, scientific name, life span, diet, predators, and habitat.

Switch Zoo Lesson Plans
Teachers and home educators can take advantage of this collection of teacher-written lesson plans to engage your students in language arts, science, and art projects revolving around the unique animals created in Switch Zoo.

Special Needs
This section offers information about the benefits of Switch Zoo for children with special needs, specifically children with autism and attention deficit disorder, as well as tips and ideas for using the game with your child.

Endangered Species MapEndangered Species Map
This interactive map of the United States provides information about the endangered species living in each state.

Use this collection of links to other sites to conduct research on the animals that make up your combination critters. Links to other educational sites that provide useful information for teachers are also provided, as well as an assortment of general interest sites.