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Mammal. White-bearded wildebeest need to drink water at least every two days, so they must live near a reliable freshwater source. When they migrate to open woodlands to feed in May, upwards of more than a million wildebeest are joined by other animals such as zebras. Eighty percent of calves (up to half a million) are born within a two to three week period at the start of the rainy season, which improves their chances of surviving against predators. Newborn calves can stand and walk in less than seven minutes after being born, and they can keep up with their mothers within two days.
Scientific Name Lifespan
Connochaetes taurinus 20 years
Herbivore. Grasses.
Predators and Threats
Lions, cheetahs, hyenas, and humans.
Grasslands of Kenya and Tanzania in Eastern Africa.