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Make New AnimalsTo play Switch Zoo Online, click Make your own new animals on the Switch Zoo home page, or click on the Switch Zoo icon in the carousel on the Make and Play page. To play, you must have Flash Player v7 or greater installed in your computer.

If you don't have Flash, click here: Flash Player Free Download for a free, fast and easy download and installation of the most up-to-date Flash Player.

Switch Zoo entrance1. Enter Switch Zoo
When you arrive at the zoo page, a green screen with a time-bar will display while the zoo is being downloaded, the entrance scene will appear and you'll hear the Switch Zoo Animal Orchestra singing. If you don't see the scene, you need to update Flash. Click here to install the free Flash Player

map2. Choose an animal to switch
Wait until you see the map, which is a big rock with colorful buttons showing the nine primary animals. Click the button for the animal that you want to use as your primary animal. This choice will determine what body your new animal will have, as well as its environment. Click the Animal List button to see a list of all the animals in Switch Zoo. By clicking an icon in the list, you can make a switcheroo and go to a new habitat at the same time.


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