Feeding Time at Switch Zoo
Feeding Time at Switch ZooDo you have a gnawing desire to find out how much you know about animals' diets? Is your knowledge of scavengers eating away at you?

Here is your chance to use that knowledge to sort animals by diet type, identify scavengers from groups of animals, and catch small prey to feed a hungry meerkat.

Feeding time for a yellow-billed storkPlease DO Feed the Animals
It's feeding time at Switch Zoo, and it's your job to feed the animals. Make sure they get the right food by moving the animals to the correct stall for their diet type.

Scavengers HuntScavengers Hunt
Most people know that vultures are scavengers, but can you pick out the scavengers from a group of unlikely suspects? Play Scavengers Hunt to find out. The animals just might fool you!

Meerkat Grab-a SnackMeerkat Grab-a-Snack
Catch a variety of crawly, wiggly and crunchy animal snacks to feed a hungry meerkat.