When I try to play Switch Zoo Online, I can't see it.  What's wrong?
There are a few things that could be causing the problem. Please visit our Tech Support page to evaluate the problem and correct it.

How do I make combinations using the hiding animals? (Available in Switch Zoo app)
Click these arrows
left arrow
right arrow
in the zoo
The arrows on the fence can be used to select and freeze any moment of the animal transformations. That allows you to use the hiding animals that only appear while an animal is changing.

For example, the sheep is hiding in the zebra scene. To use it in a combination, go to the zebra and choose the bear head. You will see the sheep in passing.

When the bear head has finished changing, you can click back to the sheep by using the left arrow on the fence. Use the right arrow to click in the other direction and select the exact image you want to use. Once you have stopped on the sheep head, you can select different legs and tails in the usual way to make new combinations. For more information read How to Play.

How do I play Switch Zoo?
There are two versions of Switch Zoo: Online and the Switch Zoo app.
To play Switch Zoo Online, click the button on the Home page that says Play Switch Zoo Online. To play the full-featured Switch Zoo, go to the Switch Zoo app for more info and links to stores. (Coming in January 2013.)

Please visit our How to Play section for instructions on playing Switch Zoo after entering.
Click here for How to Play instructions

How can I print pictures of the animals I make?

1) Click the Photo button on the fence.

2) The Photo Workshop will open, where you can name the picture and add a story if you wish, by using the buttons on the upper right. Instead, you can choose to add the zoo's facts to your picture, or no text at all if you prefer.

3) Click the PRINT button on your browser (the button looks like a printer). You can also make a postcard using your animal picture. Just click "Make Postcard" to bring your picture to the Postcard Maker where you can add a graphic greeting and send an e-mail to a friend.

Everything looks fine on the screen but when I print a picture, the entire image is flipped upside down and backwards. What's the problem?
Your browser needs to be updated so it is fully compatible with Flash Player 6 or greater. Please update your browser from the manufacturer's site (Microsoft, Netscape, etc.). After updating, close the browser program and then launch it again to use the new version.

SafeSurf Rated All Ages What is your rating? Are you 'kid safe'?
Switch Zoo is rated with the Internet Content Rating Association, and SafeSurf. It has the best 'kid safe' rating, 0000.


Why is your game so slow?
Depending upon your Internet connection, you may experience some long wait states when you play at Switch Zoo. The site uses fairly large pictures and animations, so it works best when played on a broadband connection. Also, heavy traffic will slow it down, so if the site is too slow try visiting at another time of the day.

If your Internet connection is too slow for you to have any fun, please consider buying the Switch Zoo app. It has pictures and animations that are nearly 80% larger than the online version, and extra features like My Switcheroos and the Randomizer. And it plays great on your computer regardless of your Internet connection because you don't need to go online to play.

Why doesn't your game work?
Please visit our Tech Support page to evaluate the problem and correct it.

Why is there a big white area where the zoo should be?
Please visit our Tech Support page to evaluate the problem and correct it.

Why does your game look gray and weird?
You are probably viewing it on an 8 bit monitor. Switch Zoo can be played on a 16 bit or 32 bit monitor, but 8 bit monitors do not have enough colors to display it correctly.

To find out if your monitor is capable of a 16-bit display:
On Windows: Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel and double-click the Display icon. Select the Settings tab, and open the drop-down menu called Colors. Select "High Color (16 bit)" or "True Color (32 bit)" if available.

On Macintosh: In the Apple menu, choose Control Panels, then select Thousands or Millions in the Color Depth setting.