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Help With Download and Installation
If you are having problems downloading or installing the Switch Zoo app, please consult the help pages of the store where you purchased it.

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How to Play Switch Zoo

How ToClick on the "How To" button on the fence in Switch Zoo. Features are identified in a diagram overlaid on the habitat scene. You can read in-depth information by clicking the "More Info" button at the top of the diagram.

FAQ - Mac and Windows

How do I find the Switch Zoo program I downloaded?

After the file is downloaded, the installer will launch automatically unless auto-install is disabled on your computer. If the installer doesn't launch, go to the folder where you saved the installer file and double click it. If you can't remember where you saved the installer, use your operating system's "Search" or "Find File" function to locate the file called "SwitchZooInstaller". When you locate the file, double-click it to start the installation.

After Switch Zoo has been installed, a shortcut will appear on your desktop and under your Start menu, on Windows. It will be in your Applications folder on Mac. Look for the red and orange Switch Zoo logo.

When I installed the downloaded version of Switch Zoo for Windows, I got the message, “Error reading initialization file.” What is the problem?

The most likely reason is that the file was corrupted during download. The download was unsuccessful, and the program will not install. The solution: download the file again. First, you should delete your temporary Internet files.

Here's how to do it:
Using Internet Explorer:
Tools/Internet Options/Temporary internet files. Choose Delete files.

Using Firefox
Tools/Options/Privacy/ Clear all info stored while browsing. Choose Clear All.
After deleting the temporary files, restart your computer and download Switch Zoo again.

Is it possible to have access to other programs while playing Switch Zoo, without having to quit?

Yes, you can change from a full-screen display to viewing Switch Zoo in a window by:
Press the Escape key ("esc"); to expand to full screen again, double-click the blue bar at the top of the window.

While I was playing, Switch Zoo suddenly started playing much slower than usual. Why is that and what should I do?

Older computers with very limited memory, and computers with too many other applications running at the same time may have memory problems. If you're playing and everything starts playing slower than usual, just quit Switch Zoo and start it again. (If you have written a story, save it first in My Switcheroos).

How can I back up the stories I save in My Switcheroos?

If you have access to a printer, you should make a print of every story you've written. If you have a CD burner, burn a copy of the Switch Zoo folder. The 80 MB folder is usually located at C:\Program Files\SwitchZoo folder on Windows, and in the Applications folder on Mac.

What happens when I install Switch Zoo?

Switch Zoo is installed superficially in your computer: the program files are copied onto your hard drive and, on Windows, the program is added to your Programs menu. No system-level modifications take place.

How do I uninstall Switch Zoo?

On Windows: Open the Control Panel, located under the Start menu. Double-click Add or Remove Programs, select Switch Zoo from the list, then click Uninstall.

On Mac: Locate the Switch Zoo folder in your Applications folder, and drag it into the trash. Do the same for the alias.