Switch Zoo app

Striped Swan switcheroo standing before clouds with names of Switch Zoo app features

COMING SOON! The Switch Zoo app is the BIG ZOO, with bigger pictures and more features! If you have fun making animals in Switch Zoo Online, you'll love Switch Zoo! For tablets, laptops and desktops.

BIG Animals — The Switch Zoo app is nearly 80% larger than Switch Zoo Online! See a full-size picture

The Randomizer — Use the Randomizer to randomly switch the animals' heads, legs and tails simultaneously for great surprises.

My Switcheroos — Save the animals you make in your own collection, along with your animal names, titles and stories. See a full-size picture

Animal Profiles — Read interesting, and sometimes amazing, facts about the animals while you play.
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142 Species - Switch Zoo has great animal diversity. Mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and even mollusks! Imagine the unusual creatures you'll be able to make from this diverse population! Click here to see a list of all the animals

Chosen one of The Best Computer Games by Parenting magazine“...Beyond its sidesplitting humor, this dazzling game of mix and match teaches children accurate info about animals and lets them make up names and bios for their surreal menagerie.”

- The Best Computer Games,
Anne Reeks, Parenting magazine